Social Media Marketing a double-edged Sword.

Today, companies are heavily investing into Social Media Marketing. This heavy betting on the Social Media ground is imperative of the evolution in changing trends in the web usage, in-fact this can be related to the early investment of organizations into blogs.

Over the period, blogs were becoming monotonous, with so much of no quality and paid stuff coming into existence and attributing to it, the customers moved to the social media platform for reliable information.

It wasn’t too late, before companies realized the importance of Social Media and aggressively pumped into organizations which can get them an active social media presence.

Now it’s not the same as blogs aka web marketing, because Social Media means Viral!.

You also get the Windfall benefits and losses the same way.

So today, companies have to be extra –cautious to make sure they do not write off losses caused by Social Media. It means they need to be watchful of the damages than can happen using the Social Media.

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